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Stephen said,         
Januar 10 2009

I’m glad you had a chance to look at crashpadder, and appreciate the comments.Whilst I understand why you would not want to pay for a room, it may be worth thinking about the upside. Primarily, the standard of rooms on crashpadder.com are, on the whole, higher. That’s not to say that on couchsurfing they’re uncomfortable – I’ve been a member of Couchsurfing for years and have had some great experiences both as a host and a guest.

Also, there’s security to consider. As the guest pays for the room by credit card, and the host accepts payment to their bank account, both parties identities are verified.

Finally, and this is an obvious one, as a host you can earn a little extra cash with minimum effort.

Like I said, I love couchsurfing, in fact I suggested my kid sister used it when she next goes travelling (provided there was nothing suitable on my site, naturally!) but I think it’s wrong to say there’s no room for Crashpadder too.

Stephen Rapoport

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